If you're looking for piccies of yer fave little cartoon doggie, by popular demand I've put a page up specially for you here

Right, so this is a page for fun stuff, silly stuff, and the sorta crap stuff that really shouldn't really go on a proper site.

This Gnasher is me not the dog - it's my online gaming nickname a.k.a. gnash. Why the name Gnasher? Fekked if I know! It wuz the first name that came into my head when I started playing Quake on the 'net (remember good old Modules CTF - that's wot got me hooked if you'll pardon the pun). Anyways I spose it's better than Fluffy which wuz the alternative :o).

Ain't nuttin here yet really, just this drivel yer reading now and the other stuff below is wot i'm playing with at the moment.

Click the weight for further details